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"Neom, the City of Neon Markets, Gateway to the Gulf of Vaarn, Home of Two Speedball Championship Teams, Repository of the Datasea, Lost Tech and Nano-Magic, Ikor depot and now the Salvage Capital of the Urth - where anything and everything can be bought or sold...for a price!"

- Ra'if Al Majnoon Al Thalith, Chief Guide, Neom Tourist Promotion Board

(only setting information for now - update with more ancestries, talents/archetypes and rules for running a Cyberpunk Game in the Wall will be added soon - thanks!)

Campaign setting: Vaults of Vaarn/Cyberpunk City on the Wall 

Hoi Chummer! Welcome to Neom the City of Neon Bazars where everything and anything can be bought, salvaged and sold! The Noble Houses of Neom, the Corporations, the Ikor Board, the Tech-guilds and the Ship Breaking Unions are all vying for control and influence in the frontier city on the edge of the Blue Desert! Have you got what it takes to make a living and a killing in these dire times? 

This is Shadowrun style Vaarn in a Frontier City on the Wall bordering the Badlands!

If you want to join a crew that can earn some Shins/Woolongs/Credits and stick it good to the Hegemon Corporate Suits - then welcome to NEOM - Cyberpunk City on the Wall!


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